Elle Mulvaney says she is “very devastated” by Jacob’s departure and that Amy in Coronation Street will undergo significant transformation.

In tonight’s Coronation Street episode, there was a lot of grief as Jacob Hay (Jack James Ryan) fled the neighborhood out of fear for his safety following threats from his nasty father Damon (Ciaran Griffiths).

He was concerned about the safety of his genuine love, Amy Barlow, as well as his own life (Elle Mulvaney). He ultimately made the decision to depart in order to keep her safe, but not before crushing her heart.

In order to get her to stop their relationship, Jacob was required to make it seem like he was still trafficking drugs. According to actress Elle Mulvaney, Amy feels as though “her world has just been torn apart” as a result of her action.

Elle described the surprise by saying, “Everything she thought she knew about him has abruptly disappeared and it makes her rethink everything.” ‘ Since she was newly discovered, she is unaware of how long it has been going on, which causes her to doubt all of her own opinions.

It is a tremendous, tremendous shock to her system because she allowed him into her life and her heart and believed that he had accomplished all these improvements.

The modifications Jacob made for her were genuine, and it is obvious to spectators that this is not Jacob, but Amy is unaware of this. It feels like the ultimate betrayal because he’s left her in the dark and she assumes that this was all his fault. I’m not sure what Jacob could have done that would have been worse in her perspective because it seems like their entire relationship has been a lie.

Although Amy and Jacob’s relationship started out in secrecy, they quickly came out as partners and eventually moved in together.

She and Jacob were inseparable. When they first met, they clicked right away, and I believe their love has only grown stronger. Because of the fun factor of them living together like a genuine little family, they formed this close-knit circle of friends with Aaron and Summer, which only served to strengthen the bond between Jacob and Amy.

“I think Amy truly saw a true future with Jacob,” she said. “They’ve both sacrificed so much to be together, and he’s changed so much for her and worked so hard for her that she simply doesn’t understand why he’s gone back to his previous life.”

Elle predicts that Amy’s perspective on relationships would change as a result of Jacob’s betrayal.

She is not a fool and she is not the type of person to have the rug pulled out from under her, so I believe that after what happened to her, she will be more wary of males.

She won’t accept crap from anyone since she’s already been hurt. Jacob has really injured her, and I believe it will take a lot for her to put her heart back out there because he has broken it.

Elle confessed that she and Jack are “best friends,” and the actress also admitted that she was heartbroken to learn that he was leaving the program. It wasn’t just Amy and Jacob who got along like a house on fire.

“I was gutted to the core.” Reading the scripts brought tears to my eyes since Jack is actually one of my closest friends; we just met yesterday, and I adore him. He is an incredibly talented actor, and I believe that working constantly with your closest buddy is merely a blessing in disguise. He contributed so much to the show, and I believe he will be sorely missed.

The young couple gained a nomination for Best Partnership at the Inside Soap Awards because they were popular with viewers. Elle reflected on their experience working together and remarked, “We totally liked it.”

You simply couldn’t ask for a greater experience than working with your best friend and having him as your on-screen companion. In terms of romantic relationships, Jack has been wonderful to work with. He has always supported me, and anytime we had intimate moments, we always discussed them ahead to ensure that we were both at ease and content with it. Life is so much simpler when you have a scene partner you can really bounce off of.

“I believe that’s why it comes across so well on screen because I think the viewers can tell that we obviously click and it just makes that on screen chemistry so much more realistic,” she said. We’ve also benefited greatly from the writing because Jack and I both agreed that it was simply outstanding for us. Amy and Jacob make for an improbable couple because they are so different from one another, but somehow, they click, and I guess that’s what people want.

Amy’s future challenges will stem from her adjustment to life without Jacob.

Jacob was her first true love, thus I believe that love will always exist for him. Since she has just known him for the past year, I believe it will be extremely difficult for Amy to simply let go.

But given how much in love Amy and Jacob were, could she go looking for him and try again?

“I don’t think she’ll be able to just forget about him, but I don’t know whether in the future it would mean that she would be able to forgive him and have a relationship because of the betrayal,” the author said.

She might simply have to put up with her sentiments of missing him and the potential they had.