Jihadi who lost his British citizenship allegedly used a Bitcoin fraud to loot banks to support a terror group.

The Telegraph has revealed that a jihadist from London who posted images of himself in Syria with a severed head before having his British citizenship revoked will stand trial in Spain on charges of being a member of the Islamic State.

In April 2020, Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 32, and two other accused IS militants were detained in Almera, southern Spain.

The Spanish public prosecutor charged Bary and the other two on Friday, according to information obtained by The Telegraph. The trial’s start date was not specified.

The inquiry found that he had used Bitcoin to commit widespread credit card fraud and rent numerous apartments once arriving in Spain in order to pay for the three-man cell’s relocation to Europe.

Although the accusations were made late last year, they have not yet been made public outside of Spain.

Up until his 2013 trip to Syria, Maida Vale, west London, native Bary, a want tobe rapper, held dual British and Egyptian citizenship.

After posting photographs on social media showing him carrying a severed head in Raqqa, the IS caliphate’s capital at the time, the UK government deprived him of his British citizenship.

The 32-year-old was last seen in Turkey in 2015 and then vanished until he was apprehended in Spain in 2020, a week after he and his two Algerian colleagues infiltrated Europe by boat from the coast of North Africa while pretending to be economic migrants.

Spanish police and the CNI secret service agency located Bary, Abderrazak Seddiki, and Kossaila Chollouah in a vacation rental unit.

The three guys formed a cell in Turkey sometime in or shortly after 2015, based on evidence discovered in the flat and on their cell phones.

The indictment claims that Bary purchased stolen credit card data on the dark web using bitcoin, which the group then used to defraud banks.

Police discovered screenshots of instructions for how to exploit customer data to create counterfeit credit card identities as well as images of many bank cards on one of his mobile phones.

The entire amount of money the group had stolen remains unknown.

Bary had three entry visas for Sudan under Syrian aliases among the images on his phone. He identified himself as Ahmed Mohamed Al Oulabi, a Syrian national, when he was apprehended.

Adel Abdul Bary, an Egyptian Islamist fanatic who was extradited to the US and sentenced to prison for his part in the 1998 terrorist attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that left 123 people dead, is Bary’s father.