The sister of MP Jo Cox said that she will never do open constituency surgeries.

After being made a Member of the Order of the British Empire, Kim Leadbeater takes a photo with her award (MBE).

According to Jo Cox’s MP sister, she will never consent to public surgeries with voters.

In a by-election in 2021, Kim Leadbeater, who had previously held her sister’s seat, said that more needed to be done to safeguard MPs.

Seven years after her sister’s murder, the Labour member of parliament for Batley and Spen acknowledged she had not yet experienced grief.

Leadbeater remarked in an interview with Gloria De Piero on GB News that “when Jo was slain, things changed for lots of MPs concerning involvement with the people.

I don’t and never will perform open procedures, although some MPs still do. That is totally respected and understood by everyone in Batley and Spen.

“Unfortunately, I believe that other MPs have assessed it in light of what occurred to Sir David Amess. However, you must be reachable. That’s the balance, then. I also want to be reachable.

Amess and Cox, David

Leadbeater claimed that although she schedules a lot of appointments, they must all be “pre-arranged”.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again, Leadbeater urged. But the fact that it has already occurred twice is sufficient for me to conclude that this is not a safe manner to perform the task.

Cox was killed in 2016 by an extreme right-wing terrorist who attacked her during the EU referendum campaign and repeatedly shot and stabbed her.

Amess was killed in 2021 by an IS zealot who tricked his way into a constituency surgery and stabbed the Conservative MP for Southend West more than 20 times.

Leadbeater claimed that she carries three alarms to help protect herself from the possibility of attack.

“I just happen to carry one of those since I’m a lady. Nevertheless, a few others have ties to the police, she continued.

“The last thing I want is for that phone call that, you know, nobody should ever have to get,” she said, referring to her parents, spouse, relatives, and friends.

Leadbeater also discussed the day her sister passed away in the interview, which will air on Sunday at 6 o’clock.

She announced, “My phone went.” “And Jo’s husband was the one who claimed that she had been attacked.

“As soon as I heard that, I realized this situation would not turn out well. I simply knew. I began to tremble.

“I remember getting into my car and making my way home; everything else is somewhat of a blur. I haven’t gone back to it all that often. I have not received counseling.

Leadbeater acknowledged that she had not yet experienced grief and said, “I’m afraid of grieving because once you open that box, you can’t put it back in.