Tom Malone Jr. of Gogglebox’s girlfriend Bryony Briscoe responds to separation rumors

Beginning their relationship at the beginning of 2020, the couple lived together before posting adorable videos on TikTok.

Fans have noted that Bryony and Tom both appear to have deleted photos of one another from their Instagram profiles, and he also unfollowed her, which led to rumors that they had broken up.

The Pretty Little Thing model responded to a question on Instagram about whether she was single, and she has since verified that it is real.

Bryony allegedly responded, “In a serious relationship with myself.”

After six years, Tom left Gogglebox in early 2021, although his parents, Tom Senior and Julie, continue to appear on the show frequently with their other two kids, Vanessa and Shaun.

Soon after ending the series, Tom was forced to stand up for Bryony as she faced online abuse for his decision.

He pleaded with people not to harass Bryony and said that she never wanted to be on the show in the first place.

Because of contracts and other things, Tom claimed that it is “not that simple to just put someone on with us.”

The television personality continued, “Bryony genuinely has never wanted to be on the show.

Why would she give up her own modeling profession, in which she excels, to appear on the program?

It’s all nonsense, she’s been abused a lot over it, so please stop; it’s unfair to her.