George Kluthe Obituary, Death – Edmonton, Alberta Resident Has Sadly Passed Away

George Kluthe Obituary, Death – George Kluthe, Edmonton, Alberta resident has passed away. All of George’s descendants, including his wife of 66 years, Alice, his children Irwin, Rebecca, Cathy, and Karen, his twelve grandchildren, his fourteen great-grandchildren, and his daughter-in-law Roberta, have fond recollections of their grandfather.

In addition to this, George has fourteen grandchildren who are now regarded to be great-grandchildren (Wayne Straub). Bernice McDonnell, who was his older sister, and Rodney, who was his brother, are just two of the many people who will miss him. Rodney is also one of the individuals who will miss him (Marlene).

His son Darrell in the year 2000, his brothers Joe (and Dorothy), Ben (and Bilda), and Johnny, his sister Eileen (and John Kaup and Harold Cassidy), and his brother-in-law John McDonnell all went away before he did. In addition, his son Darrell passed away in the year 2000. His son Darrell, as well as his parents John and Clara Kluthe, had already died away by the time he was born.

George was born on June 26th, 1927 in the city of St. Albert, which is located in Alberta. George will be remembered for all time for his mischievous sense of humor, his unending devotion and love for his family, and his tenacious work ethic, which enabled him to begin farming at a very young age and go on to become a licensed mechanic later in life. These qualities will live on in George’s legacy forever.

All of these characteristics will be remembered forever in ignominy. Each and every one of these traits will be remembered for all of time in disgrace. The golden years of George and Alice were marked by lots of laughter and happy moments spent together on the open road as they made their way across Canada. Curling, watching hockey, and tinkering in his shop took up the most of his free time, and he was rarely seen without the coveted Toronto Blue Jays hat he wore almost constantly. He spent a lot of his free time curling, and it was one of his favorite hobbies.