Kristy Lashbrook Obituary, Hughes County EMS Director and Paramedic Has Died

Kristy Lashbrook Obituary, Death – Kristy Lashbrook a Hughes County EMS director and paramedic has sadly passed away. It breaks our hearts to inform you of the unexpected passing of Director and Paramedic Kristy Lashbrook, whose death came as a complete shock to everyone. Director Lashbrook, accompanied by her family at her Holdenville home, lost her battle with cancer today at around 11 a.m. after a valiant fight against the disease.

She had been combating the sickness for the previous three months. When Kristy died away, she had served as a director for the longest period of time in the organization’s history, setting a record. She was the organization’s youngest and first female director when she was chosen for her post in 2010. At the time of her death, she had the longest tenure of any director overall.

During a difficult time in the organization’s history, Kristy was selected for the position of director of Hughes County Emergency Medical Services (EMS). She was crucial to the organization’s development into the state it is in now and was instrumental in bringing it to this stage. Her visionary leadership was crucial to the success of several initiatives.

Including the EMS Bond Issues, and the purchase of new ambulances, ventilators, power cots, and automated CPR equipment, among other achievements. She will leave behind a legacy, unlike any other person or thing that has ever lived or will ever live. As a supervisor, Kristy made it a point to make sure that she was always accessible to the first responders and that she always looked out for their interests.

She made sure she was available to them at all times in addition to that. You will never meet another person who has the same level of love in their heart as she has. There is no one who can come close to her in this way. Each and every one of us who work here at HCEMS is saddened by the news of her departure, and the absence of her is already being felt very keenly by those of us who are here.