Laura Childress Minnesota Obituary, Former News Channel 10 Anchor Has Died

Laura Childress Obituary, Death – Laura Childress of Minnesota has passed away. We were all completely shocked by Laura Rojas Childress’ untimely death. She was ill with symptoms resembling the flu the week before last. The folks of Amarillo greeted me with open arms, huge hair, a trace of an accent, and a smile as broad as Texas when I moved there from California.

She was supposed to advance in the organization while I took over as anchor. She called it a blessing that I was there and made sure I knew everyone at News Channel 10, which she referred to as a community. LAURA WAS IN THE ROOM the entire time. the most altruistic person you’ve ever met. She gave me a tour of her hometown to start it all off, and the rest is history, as they say.

Even though she had been told she had leukemia, she continued to show up for work each and every day after learning the news. She struggled against it while also volunteering her time to help people in need. Laura was seeking election to a political office. She recently finished her coursework at a law school. She was the most devoted and loving wife to her long-term husband, Ken, and the most loving and caring mother to her two children.

Being one of her bridesmaids was a great lot of fun for me. She had a habit of starting or ending her texts with the phrase “I love you, sister” or “you REALLY blessed my day, sister.” I assumed something really severe had happened after getting a text message that did not start with “I love you” and a missed call. My dearest spiritual sister, as you have stated time and time again… I’m going to miss EVERYTHING about you, including hearing your voice, hearing you laugh, and hearing you talk about how much you enjoy wearing large jewelry. I will miss learning how much you like donning huge jewelry. Lorena Laura.