Marji Cowles Obituary, 2 Killed In Broken Arrow Car Crash

Phil Brown Obituary, Death – The identities of the two people who were killed in a collision that took place on Tuesday evening close to the intersection of 61st and Lynn Lane have been made public by the Broken Arrow Police Department. The crash took place at the intersection of 61st and Lynn Lane. The event took place in the neighbourhood close to where 61st Street and Lynn Lane join. The occurrence took place in the vicinity of the point where a number of different paths met with one another. It was reported that the bodies of Marji Cowles, who was 75 years old, and Gloria Voss, who was 80 years old, were discovered at the scene of the incident by the police, and both of them were pronounced dead at the time that their bodies were discovered.

Police At the time of the incident, Patrick Ferm was travelling in the direction of the south when he became involved in a collision with the car that belonged to the victim at the crossroads. At the time of the accident, Patrick Ferm was 33 years old. The victim had life-threatening injuries as a direct result of the impact. The victim ended up becoming hurt as a direct result of what happened in the collision. Two of the vehicles, including the two cars depicted above as participants, were involved in a collision that all three cars were affected by.