Ryan Nightingale Obituary, Simpsonville, SC, Two People Found Dead In Greenville County Home

Ryan Nightingale Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, the Greenville County Coroner’s Office disclosed further details surrounding the deaths of two people who were discovered at a residence. Both of the victims were found inside the home. The bodies of both of them were discovered inside the house. It was established that one of the people who had passed away as a result of the incident was a man named Ryan W. Nightingale.

Nightingale was forty years old and had lived on Bergen Lane in Simpsonville. He was one of the victims. Jennifer Cason, who holds the position of Senior Deputy Coroner, is the one who determined who the deceased was. Nightingale is said to have been the one who took her own life, according to Cason’s assertions. Cason asserts that the investigation is still ongoing and that the identity of the second victim, a woman in her forties, has not been made public at this time.

He claims that the inquiry is still ongoing. According to Cason, the findings of an autopsy revealed that she had died as a result of several gunshot wounds, and the cause of death was ruled to be a homicide. Cason also stated that the manner of death was determined to be murder. (The location mentioned earlier in this article contains a video that provides a description of the incident that took place on Monday, and it is available for viewing there.)

On Monday, Lt. Ryan Flood of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office stated that just before 8:30 in the morning, a relative found the bodies of two persons inside the residence that is situated on Bergen Lane. Monday was the day that the incident took place. Approximately one minute and a half before that time, a call was placed to the emergency number 911. He went on to say that deputies were able to locate a firearm, that there were no other persons in the house, and that officers were not looking for any potential suspects. Additionally, he indicated that the deputy was successful in locating the handgun.