Tova Feldstein Obituary, Stamford, CT, Funeral Arrangement And Visitation

Tova Feldstein Obituary, Death – The Thomas M. Gallagher Funeral Home in Stamford, Connecticut, has informed the public of Tova Feldstein’s passing. Tova was a ray of sunshine in my otherwise depressing life. She was like the sister I never had, my children’s fictitious aunt, and she was always someone with whom I felt comfortable being myself. She also served as a de facto grandparent for my grandchildren.

Tova was always blatantly herself. She was animated, boisterous, and loud. She treated people with consideration, kindness, and care. With ease, she could carry on a conversation and always open with “what’s new?” Furthermore, “inform me about [fill in the blank with a current event]”. She never lost sight of me and always listened intently to what I had to say. Tova never passed up the chance to have fun. She was constantly seeking an occasion to celebrate, laugh, or support one of her (many) favorite sporting teams. She loved live performances, especially ones with country music.

Tova always puts in the necessary effort. to visit me frequently, to make special gifts for me, and to check in with me periodically to make sure I’m happy and everything’s okay. One of my lifelong best pals was Tova. Tova loved life and was fully engaged in it. She made time in her schedule to travel, visit her family, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. She was proud of both her place of employment and her residence. She developed friendships with everyone and didn’t hold grudges for very long.

Thanks to the humorous stories we have about her and the innumerable pictures we have of our amazing times together, Tova’s light will continue to shine bright enough to make our world a better place, but the abrupt death of Tova has dimmed the light in my life. Despite this, I have faith that Tova’s light will keep shining bright enough to improve the world.

The funeral home’s paperwork indicates that the following services will be held: The funeral service will take place at Congregation Agudath Sholom, located at 301 Strawberry Hill Avenue in Stamford, Connecticut, on February 1, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. The Agudath Sholom Cemetery in Stamford, Connecticut, at 552 Westhill Road, will host a service on February 1, 2023.