Zachary Marc-Aurele Obituary, Detroit, MI, Native Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Zachary Marc-Aurele Obituary, Death – Zac was raised in Leicester, Massachusetts after being born in Worcester, Massachusetts. Before going to Leicester, he was a student at the Jacob Hyatt Magnet School, which is located in Worcester. He participated in Leicester’s little league baseball and intramural basketball when he was there. He participated in football, basketball, soccer, and tennis while attending Leicester High School.

In order to show his support for a friend who wished to play field hockey, he even tried out for the squad. During his time at the university, he participated in a labor union, advocated various recycling initiatives, and worked on political campaigns. After graduating from college, he joined Americorp and worked in Alamosa, Colorado, for more than a year, assisting individuals in finding jobs and providing fuel assistance to those who needed it. Zachary maintained his dedication to helping those in need by working for organizations that are not-for-profit and providing assistance to those in need in both Massachusetts and Michigan.

Zachary was a big fan of music, and his band, The Sunchokes, used to play at Ralph’s as well as other local locations in and around Worcester, Massachusetts. He enjoyed reading a wide variety of works, ranging from those written by Plato and Marcus Aurelius to those written by Vonnegut and Tolkien.┬áBecause of a wicked and senseless act of violence, Zachary was snatched from us quickly and violently. He had just recently relocated to Detroit, Michigan with his life partner, Erin Johnson, in order to pursue their shared goal of assisting people who are in need.

Even though Zac’s life was taken from him far too young, he nevertheless managed to leave behind a legacy of activism and service during the time that he was with us. Donations made through this page will be put toward carrying on Zachary’s legacy and supporting the causes and causes that were important to him throughout his life. Click HERE For Zachary Marc-Aurele GoFundMe Page