Anahi Esparza Obituary, EL Paso, TX, Funeral Arrangement And Visitation

Anahi Esparza Obituary, Death – Anahi Esparza of El Paso, Texas, who had just turned 11 years old, ascended into heaven. On August 30, 2007, Rosana Vizcarra gave birth to Anahi Leliene Vizcarra Granado. Anahi and her brother Alex moved in with Angela Granado Lujan and her two children, Avan and Angel, when Anahi’s mother was tragically taken from her in May 2015. Angela’s daughter also bears the same name.

Once the adoption was finalized in September 2016, the Granado family enthusiastically celebrated it. The three brothers of Anahi were named Alex, Avan, and Angel. The oldest was Anahi. She loved all of her three other siblings, Nina, Jovani, and Jomari. Anahi was an active participant in the First Baptist Church youth group, which she frequented as a churchgoer. She generously gave the gift of her unwavering dedication to God to all around her.

After leading Vacation Bible School for the past week, she recently fully accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. She was passionate about acting and wanted to study one of the performing arts to be able to work in the industry. She even taught herself to read and write Korean, and her favorite song was BTS, which is even more astounding. She regularly sang Korean songs for her family, keeping them entertained.
Anahi was a committed student who gave every class her absolute best effort.

She was supposed to join the FSMS cheerleading squad for the next 2019–2020 academic year. If she had finished her schooling, she would have been chosen for the middle school choir and the symphonic band. The Outstanding 6th Grade Cornet Player, Outstanding 6th Grade Girls PE Student, A-B Honor Roll for the full 2018-2019 school year, and Outstanding 6th Grade Girl for the Second 6 Weeks awards were given to Anahi to cap off her time in the sixth grade.

These honors were all given to Anahi. The numerous awards she has garnered are a reflection of her extroverted nature and active lifestyle. When it came to her sense of humor, she was unique. She was quite lovely to be around, considerate, and giving. She constantly wanted to make sure that others had a good time and felt included. It is accurate to say that she has been referred to be “my backbone” and “the tenacious one that kept everyone going.” She had many devoted friends who shared her dedication to her cause.

Alex, Avan, and Angel, three of Anahi’s siblings, as well as their mother Angela, are all still alive today. Joe and Leesa Granado, her great-grandmother and great-uncle, Joe Daniel Granado, his wife Jordan, and their son Saxton are all still alive. Alaina Granado, her aunt, is also still alive. Along with her siblings Nina, Jovani, and Jomari, she is also survived by her grandmother Carmen Vizcarra, uncle Fido Guzman, and aunt Barbara Vasquez. She is survived by her aunt Barbara Vasquez as well.