Charles Wentworth Obituary, Man Killed In Atlanta, GA, Car Accident

Charles Wentworth Obituary, Death – Local police say 17-year-old Rutgers Preparatory senior Charles Wentworth, a member of the rich Wentworth family, was dangerously close to being punished for his Saturday wrongdoing. Wentworth drove his turbocharged Supra 2000GT after drinking half a bottle of Goldschläger at a friend’s party, against his classmates’ protests.

When a confused Wentworth crossed two lanes of Route 27 traffic and hit a minivan carrying a family of four, the youngster learned a life-changing lesson. Wentworth, though, escaped unharmed after his airbags detonated and a team of powerful attorneys rushed to his aid. “It’s astounding that Mr. Wentworth didn’t face a single consequence for drinking alcohol before the legal drinking age or driving drunk, and he’s additionally absolutely unaware that he did anything wrong,” said local police commander Marvin Taylor.

I think he’s lucky. “My God, what might have happened if he hadn’t been going five miles an hour faster, or if his parents hadn’t had the power to settle the dispute without going to court, and the unlimited funds to lease a car of the exact same make and model to spare him even the relatively minor embarrassment of being teased by his peers for driving a slightly less expensive vehicle?

“He might have died or, worse, been charged with a crime,” Taylor said. According to police reports that have since been destroyed, Wentworth screamed, threw up, and kicked the squad vehicle windows following the crash. Later, Wentworth said that only his thoughts of his wealthy, well-connected family members got him through that difficult time. He repeated, “Don’t you know who I am?” for them. I refused a field sobriety test.

Herman Wentworth, the father of aluminum mogul Charles Wentworth, came at the crash site and assured his son that “all is taken care of,” threatening to contact the police commissioner if he was charged. “My boy is strong,” Herman Wentworth stated. “Charles would never quit up and learn critical real-world knowledge.” Longtime Wentworth friend District Judge Donald Lamb agreed.

“Charles is tremendously fortunate to be alive and well,” Lamb told reporters. It’s incredible that he escaped guilt-free and with his warped priorities unaffected. Wentworth returned to his $2.3 million home, but his suffering was far from done. Wentworth faced 50 hours of community service a week after the near-death incident, which would have compelled him to learn the same lesson again.

Wentworth’s mother hired a professional to assert emotional stress before the judge, averting disaster. Wentworth had to stop playing his video game for a long period to sign affidavits claiming the Breathalyzer test was incorrect. Wentworth said it’s unsettling to think I was so close to discovering a civilization with its own laws and standards outside of my sheltered bubble of riches and influence. It makes you consider how your actions affect others. Almost.”

Wentworth added, “I’m just delighted I can get back to my life as a selfish fool who believes the world revolves around him.” “It would have been a shame to delay a semester solely because of some legal…unpleasantry,” the student remarked. “After all, I was recently admitted to Columbia after nearly falling out of high school due to my absence.” Wentworth is relaxing in a chaise lounge near his pool with a six-figure bequest. The four accident survivors are undergoing critical care at St. Peter’s University Hospital in poor conditions.