Conor Gosney Obituary, Conor Gosney Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Conor Gosney Death, Obituary – Conor Gosney, one of our former pupils, died away recently, and we were deeply grieved to learn of his passing. The news has left us in a state of profound mourning. He had such a positive influence on all of us while we were students that it has stayed with us.

At this time, we are sending him and his family and friends our thoughts and prayers. If you are able to, please consider making a donation to help with the costs of paying for his burial. In an attempt to help with the funeral costs, we are working to raise a little amount of money.

Our beloved and valued colleague Bridget suffered a terrible loss during the last week due to the demise of her son. Sadly, Conor’s body was discovered at Bolehills Park the next morning even though his absence had been reported in the early hours of the previous Saturday morning.

Since she started working there when it was just opening its doors, Bridget has gained the respect of both the regular customers and the business’s owners. We want to do whatever we can to support Bridget, and I know that many of our regular customers feel the same way.

Bridget and her family would really appreciate it if we could make any form of donation toward the expense of Bridget’s funeral during this incredibly difficult time. The funeral will be attended by Bridget herself. Additionally, remember that it is alright to not be okay and search for someone you can talk to. Find someone you can talk to and ask for support. We’ll keep an eye on the door and keep listening for your entrance. Click HERE To View Conor Gosney GoFundMe Page.