Daniel Newth Obituary, Generous, Popular Adventurer Daniel Newth Has Died

Daniel Newth Death, Obituary – Daniel Newth, an arborist and surfer at Sunnynook, passed away after being struck by lightning while kayaking in floodwaters in Auckland. When floodwaters flooded into the home of the 25-year-old resident of the North Shore on Friday, he rented a small boat for himself and gave his friend his surfboard so that they could ride out the storm together.

While Daniel’s companion was still inside the kayak, it fell under a culvert and capsized. According to his father Craig, who was interviewed by the Herald, he was walking down the road when the water suddenly became too strong and it washed him away, causing him to fall down into the culverts.

He did not achieve his goal. He ended up drowning in it. Craig claims that Newth was an intrepid traveler, a skilled arborist, and an avid surfer. Rock climbing events on a global scale were one of his regular responsibilities as a representative of New Zealand.

According to Craig, because he completed the climb of a lifetime on his very first attempt, he gave him the nickname “human monkey.” He outperformed the other candidates. On Wednesday before he passed away, he and a friend had gotten up at 3:30 in the morning to go surfing in Maori Bay, which is located on the west coast of Auckland.

They had done this under the stars. He was not afraid of taking chances and had an adventurous spirit. He had a pleasant attitude, was unconcerned with the wider world, and was simply passionate about the natural world. Craig claims that the arborist who worked at Tree King in Glenfield enjoyed what he did there.

Even though he always managed to get in a surf session before work if he could, or he would take a day off and work in place of it, his amazing boss would still let him go surfing because he was so good at his job and put his career first.