Kossi Fiavi Obituary, 32-Year-Old Kossi E. Fiavi Died In A Fatal Car Accident

Kossi Fiavi Death, Obituary – The Virginia State Police have identified the person who lost their lives in a car crash that took place over the weekend in Augusta County. In addition, driving charges have been filed in connection with the tragic occurrence. Over the course of the holiday weekend, the accident took place.

At the scene of the two-vehicle collision that occurred early on Sunday morning on White Hill Road, about a quarter of a mile north of Twin Hill Road, Kossi E. Fiavi, 32, from Harrisonburg, Virginia, was pronounced dead at the scene. The collision involved two cars. White Hill Road was the location of the collision.

Fiavi was operating a make and type of vehicle that was identified as a Toyota Tundra. It was discovered that he had been found dead at the scene of the accident. At the time of the collision, he was not wearing his seatbelt as required by law.

A 2016 Ford F-350 was traveling south on White Hill when it crossed the center line and was involved in a collision with a Toyota Tundra at 6:55 a.m. on Sunday. The accident happened as a consequence of the collision. Because of this, the collision occurred.

Bryan A. Martinez-Chavez, 19, from Waynesboro, was the person behind the wheel of the Ford that was engaged when the event took place. He had a number of significant wounds, so he was sent to the hospital to receive treatment for them.

After being engaged in an accident that featured a Ford, passenger Jose M. Rivera Jandres, who was 27 years old at the time of the accident, was rushed to the hospital with major injuries. He was in critical condition when he arrived. Martinez-Chavez is allegedly going to face criminal charges as a result of the claims made by the Virginia State Police.

The statements claim that Martinez-Chavez is being charged with a felony for failing to keep control of the situation. One of the possible contributing variables that are now under investigation by the police is the driver’s state of drowsiness at the time of the accident.