Philippe Tesson Obituary, Journalist And Theater Critic Died In An Accident

Philippe Tesson Obituary, Death – Journalist and drama critic Philippe Tesson died on Wednesday, February 1st at the age of 94. Former editor-in-chief of “Combat”, this theater and literature enthusiast founded and directed “Le Quotidien de Paris” from 1974 to 1994. He is the father of actress and director Stephanie Tesson, journalist and playwright Daphné Tesson, and the traveling writer Sylvain Tesson, A ferocious independence, an unquenchable curiosity, a heaping helping of atmosphere, an enthusiastic devotee who is so captivating, so vibrant, so generous, and so refined.

Sometimes a false faith, most of the time, but what talent… Philippe Tesson passed away at the age of 94. Because I ran into him a few weeks ago while he was still in the audience at the theater, I can attest to the fact that he has always had a trembling eye and an unwavering excitement for boards. This touching obituary pays respect to the unusual course of events that befell the deceased.

My internship at the Daily Paris in 1992 was an incredible learning opportunity for me on a personal level. Levallois was home to the natives, and Eric Zemmour held a position in the governmental service. Philippe Tesson, the company’s director and founder, exuded an obvious amount of charisma when he gathered the interns in his office on the first day. Before asking, “Well, who wants to go to the culture service? ” he made us feel at ease by talking with a close in his mouth and glasses on his forehead.

I was about to raise my hand, but I didn’t. As a result, I worked under the direction of the petulant Armelle Heliot for the duration of three months, during which time I trained, learned, traveled, hung out in theaters, exhibitions, and festivals, and listened to the stories of the aged. An ideal group, in which case Christine York Richard Emmanuel de Brantes, Marc Joyeux, and Gérard Mannoni.

On stage with him was his daughter Stéphanie Tesson, who co-owns the Poche Montparnasse theater with her father. They bought the theater in 2012. Philippe Tesson cherished his newspaper and the journalists who worked for it. He looked out for them, helped them feel safe, and inspired them to be fearless and uninhibited. Philippe Tesson also enjoyed a good belly laugh, particularly when the publication was in a fight. He was a generous role model for the many others who had the good fortune to climb the ladder alongside him. He was also a visionary.