Tim Webber Killer Flamingos Obituary, PBM Former Drummer Has Died

Tim Webber Obituary, Death – A member of the PBM band family has unfortunately gone away today. Tim Webber, a former member of our band who used to play the drums, went suddenly not too long ago, and when our group found out the news, we were stunned and extremely devastated by it. Tim was the definition of the idiom “larger than life.”

He was a beast behind the drum kit, proficient in every musical style, a perfectionist, and a man with a very imaginative mind. He was a beast. We looked forward to playing with him because he continuously challenged us to better not only as individuals but also as a band, as musicians, and as performers. We were excited about the prospect of working with him because of this.

It was easy to see that Tim devoted his life to music and performing; after all, this was what he did for a living. He was one of the funniest people we’ve ever met, and his laugh was infectious; he was definitely in our top five funniest people we’ve ever known.¬†When you spend a significant amount of time performing music together, you begin to develop more of a familial bond with one another.

As a group, you experience a lot of different things together. You experience experiences, both pleasant and negative, that the vast majority of people do not generally go through. These things are unique to you. In times of conflict, you support and defend one another. The same is true for one’s family. You feel warm and fuzzy toward one another. The difficulties inspire an affection that is one level deeper than before.

Every time we saw Tim, it was as if we hadn’t seen him in a long time, and all of those wonderful memories and stories came flooding back all at once. It didn’t matter how much time had passed or how far we had traveled since we had last performed on stage together; it was just as if we hadn’t seen him in a long time. And of course, that ridiculously infectious grin and cackle that she has.

There is no question that the world has lost a musician and performer with incredible talent. In addition, the world has lost a very lovely guy who brought joy to any situation and lived to make others laugh. Following the news of his demise, our thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to his family, including Matt, Mike, Bob, and Nancy, as well as to his current bandmates in Killer Flamingos, who are obviously heartbroken and in grief. brother, until the next time, when we will be able to perform together on a stage that is noticeably larger and more amazing…