Timothy Schultz Obituary, Two Men Killed In Police Pursuit Crash

Timothy Schultz Death, Obituary – Two fathers who were very good friends and who were killed in the San Fernando Valley on Tuesday night by a driver who was sought by police have become the subject of new information. Authorities named the victims as Christopher Teagardin, 47, of Granada Hills, and Timothy Schultz, 49, of Reseda.

The crash occurred close to Lanark and Woodman in Panorama City. According to the LAPD, the driver of the stolen truck, who was previously wanted for another felony, is now charged with murder. Joellen Ammann thought her brother ought to be awake right now.

According to Ammann, he was driving Timmy’s car. He was one of two men killed after they were struck by a police chase vehicle. “My mom is still waiting at home for my brother to return home,” Ammann said. She resisted the need to sleep. The LAPD said that it was 7:45 p.m.

Police found a stolen Toyota Tacoma on El Dorado Avenue in Pacoima on Tuesday. They made an effort to stop it, but the driver sped away and hit a Honda Civic. Family members claim that the father, a 46-year-old business owner called Teagardin, and his childhood best friend sadly died at the scene while they were both inside the Civic.

I’m not understanding, Ammann remarked. It didn’t have to be this way. For instance, a stolen truck is not valuable. The LAPD claims that at the time of the incident, there was only one air unit overhead, and cops on the ground had retreated for their own security.

When the public enquired as to whether the department’s search for that individual matched its standards and expectations, “We’ll have more information on that when the information becomes clear,” said LAPD Chief Michel Moore in response. Lucas Aragon’s sister was murdered in 2010 when police in New Mexico were searching for a bank robber. In general, we think most cases are unnecessary, Aragon stated. His current volunteer activity is for PursuitSafety, a foundation that strives to reduce useless hobbies. Watching chases on television has regrettably turned into a form of entertainment in Southern California, frequently culminating in the deaths of innocent people.