David Pearman Obituary, 75-Year-Old Of Tewkesbury Has Passed Away

David Pearman Obituary, Death – Stewart David Pearman, 75, from Tewkesbury, was sentenced to prison for faking paperwork in order to steal £2.1 million from a charity that supports air ambulances. Stewart David Pearman, 75 years old, a resident of Tewkesbury, was found guilty of fraud and perjury on February 2, 2023, and the Worcester Crown Court sentenced him to five years and three months in prison. After an investigation by West Mercia Police, the Crown Prosecution Service brought charges against Pearman.

Pearman was aware of an older woman who passed away on August 7, 2016, from severe cancer. In her testament from 2014, she bequeathed her estate to a foundation that supports air ambulances. Pearman, who was her executor, was given 25,000 pounds. Pearman declared himself to be the sole executor of her estate and the primary beneficiary in a “Letter of Wishes” that he sent to her estate solicitors shortly before she passed away.

The defendant wrote the letter of wishes for the deceased person not long before the deceased person passed away, and the deceased person’s primary care physician confirmed that she did not have the mental capacity to sign it.
Pearman’s co-defendants, Aleksander Yuriev Shikov, age 35, and Luke William Derrett, age 42, signed the letter of wishes as witnesses to support his criminal behavior. Both men were sentenced along with Pearman.