Rowena Shaterian Obituary, Rowena Shaterian Peacefully Passed Away

Rowena Shaterian Obituary, Death –Rowena Shaterian is an individual who belongs to the.The 26th day of the first month in 2023 Fresno, a city in the state of California – Rowena died away on January 26, 2023, putting an end to a long and exciting journey that spanned 93 years here on earth. She began her eternal rest with our Heavenly Father shortly after her passing. She was raised on a farm in the Parlier area during her childhood. Her parents, Yervant and Rose Vart, only had one child, therefore she was their only kid. She arrived into this world on October 16th, 1929. When she was growing up, there were only the three of them in their family, so she did her part to help out wherever it was needed. During the course of her studies, Rowena received her primary education at Ross Grammar School and her secondary education at Parlier High School.

She took part in a number of musical productions and events, playing the piano and singing, not only throughout these formative years of her education but also throughout the remainder of her life. Those who have seen the many different oil paintings that she has done may be able to attest to the fact that her talents extend far further than that. George Shaterian felt impelled to talk to her after spotting her as he was transporting peaches to the Vart farm in Easton for the purpose of drying them. The peaches were for the Vart family’s business. His family owned a farm in the Easton area. After some time had gone, he returned with his parents, and at that point, the courtship could be considered formally to have begun.