Stacy McCoy Obituary, Stacy McCoy Has Passed Away

Stacy McCoy Obituary, Death – Stacy McCoy, who had been staying with me and his mother Susan for the previous four months, was found dead suddenly at my home, which became the tragic scene of his death. Susan McCoy had been staying with us as well. My niece’s nephew was highly reclusive and had a very limited circle of friends and acquaintances outside of our family.

After everything had calmed down, his mother disclosed to me that he had been so overjoyed to inform me that he had deliberately asked her not to tell me about the apartment he and his mother had located where they would be able to live together and care for one another. When he found out that the only alternative option for his mother was to go to a nursing facility, he was relieved, and he expressed his gratitude to me for offering to take her in. When Stacy was between the ages of 12 and 14, he was involved in a bicycle accident that caused him to fracture his back and left him with partial vision loss.

Stacy would have turned 54 years old on the seventh of this month had she been alive. She passed away in May, which is a terrible loss. It is not hard to imagine the party that he will hold in heaven for his late father (who was my brother Ernie), his grandma and grandpa, and my daughter Rebekah.