Manuel Bernal Obituary, Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN, Native Has Died – GoFundMe

Manuel Bernal Obituary, Death – Anything that can be done will be helpful! Something that should never have happened, and despite my best efforts, I was unable to get him to the hospital in time; please accept my sorrow on behalf of his family. This is something that ought to have never happened.

Manuel, your presence in this world will be sorely missed. I’m sorry that anything awful occurred to you, gang; before that incident, we hadn’t even spoken for five minutes, and now that guy is going to jail for thirty to forty years. I’m sorry that anything horrible happened to you. When I think of you, pictures of our one-night stand keep popping into my head, and I wish that heaven is treating you well.

All luv gang. There is a picture of Bailey and Luis here. My presence at this event is a contribution toward the goal of covering the costs associated with the funeral of Manuel Bernal’s parents. A homicide that went the place was an extremely tragic and horrible event that took place. Was a death that came out of nowhere; he was a really special boy who was only 17 years old and had his whole life in front of him.

Both he and I have agreed that it is not something that we would ever put ourselves through again. In the very near future, we are going to be seeking further justice for him in a legal setting. I will pray that each of you, along with the fifth person, will be blessed. Kindly bring him to his destination so that the father can say their final goodbyes to their son. His financial resources will be used to cover the costs of his funeral as well as the one-of-a-kind gifts that will be presented to his family. Click HERE For Manuel Bernal GoFundMe Page