Roger Bost Obituary, Roger Dale Bost Funeral Arrangement & Visitation

Roger Bost Death, Obituary – Make sure that all the necessary arrangements are made so that everyone in our family can come to Uncle Rog’s funeral.

Would you kindly ask everyone in your household to be informed about this? Mr. Roger Dale Bost, 68, a resident of Hamptonville and a former resident of Harmony, passed suddenly unexpectedly on December 8th, 2022. He had a home in each neighborhood. The day Roger Bost was born was April 6, 1954.

He was the son of Vermell Brown Bost and Lauren Bost, both of whom deceased away. He was preceded in death by his brother Joel “Leon” Bost of Jonesville in addition to his parents. Jonesville is where Joel “Leon” Bost was born. Even his parents had left the group.

Roger Hartsell Bost passed away on June 25, 2018, after a 44-year marriage to Cindy Hartsell Bost. They had two kids together before he died. Cindy was the only person left alive after Roger passed away.

He is also survived by his two children, Samuel Bost, who is married to Anita Bost, and Regina Bost Knox of Mooresville, who is married to Peter Knox. His three granddaughters Hannah Knox, Callie Bost, and Thomas Bost are also left to care for him. He was the source of all of his descendants’ names.

Theresa Wagner, Jason T. Bost (Cirela), Donna Williams (Lynn), and a brother and two sisters who all reside in Iredell County also survive him. He also leaves behind a number of cherished nieces and nephews (Steve). His remaining relatives are all married.

Pastor Stephen Pope will preside at a memorial service for Roger Bost that will take place at the Calvary Baptist Church in Union Grove on the Thursday, February 9, 2023 at 2:00 PM. The memorial service will be held in Roger Bost’s honor. Once the ashes have been dispersed at the church cemetery, a funeral ceremony will be held there as soon as feasible.