Russell Atkins Obituary, British Columbia CN Has sadly passed away

Russell Atkins Obituary – “so they could have let him down one more time,” Russell Atkins wanted six Canucks to carry his casket “so they could have been his pallbearers.” Russell Atkins, a resident of Campbell River, British Columbia, witnessed the Tampa Bay Lightning defeat the Vancouver Canucks by a score of 5–4 the night before he passed away. Kirsten Billings, the daughter, revealed that her father watched every Canucks game despite the fact that he had previously stated that he would never watch another Canucks game.

After Atkins passed away on January 13 at the age of 79, Billings wrote an obituary for him and sent it to the local newspaper. In the obituary, Billings mentioned the team that had been a part of Atkins’ life for a very long time and was frequently the source of his frustration. The obituary stated, “Russell would have wished for six of the Vancouver Canucks to serve as his pallbearers so that they could have let him down one more time.”

Billings stated, “That one line encapsulates my father.” A friend of Billings’s told her that her father’s obituary had been shared on social media, particularly among Canucks fans who could identify to her father’s sense of anger with the NHL team’s troubles. Billings’s father passed away last week. “He would have loathed the attention, but had it been anybody else’s obituary, he would have laughed hysterically,” Billings said. “He would have hated the attention.”

Atkins was a fan of the game of hockey for his entire life. He participated in the sport when he was younger and later played, as well as coached, hockey as an adult. In addition, he served in the armed forces and had a successful career with British Columbia Hydro that lasted for the better part of four decades. After reading a variation of the joke on social media, Billings says she decided to include it at the end of the obituary she wrote for her father. She believed it would appeal to both her father’s sense of humor and his sensibilities.