Ruth Cooper Obituary, Ruth Cary Cooper Has Passed Away Suddenly

Ruth Cooper Death, Obituary – In an unforeseen turn of events, Ruth Cary Cooper lost her fight against illness and passed away this morning, February 4, 2023.

She moved in with her younger brother Christopher Cary and sister-in-law Barb Cary in the state of Washington several months ago in order to get better after sustaining a terrible injury in a fall. Christopher is her younger brother, and Barb is her sister-in-law.

Her grandchildren Robert and Jamie Gagin, as well as her daughters Claire Gagin, Grace Cooper, and Sarah Cooper, are the only members of her family who will go on after her passing.

Her spouse will carry on after her as well. Her family would want to take this opportunity to convey their appreciation to everyone for their support during this trying time.

The specifics of a memorial service are still being worked out, but it is becoming increasingly likely that it will take place in Tennessee in the latter part of the spring or the early part of the summer. Finding out that Ruth has died away has left me in a state of disbelief and sadness.

People such as her late husband and children, all of whom are, of course, also my cousins, are relatives of mine that we have not yet had the pleasure of getting to know in person.

Despite the fact that we are unable to identify the person who was initially responsible for posting this notification, we would want to convey my appreciation to whoever was in charge of doing so.

In addition, we truly hope that they will make an announcement on Facebook regarding the time as well as the place of the life memorial event that will be held soon. All of my warmest regards, Paul.