Shanna Rice Obituary, Wenatchee Woman Killed In House Fire Out-Break Identified

Shanna Rice Death, Obituary – Shanna J. Rice has been identified as the victim of a fire that started in a mobile home earlier this week in Wenatchee. Rice, a 45-year-old Wenatchee resident, was inside the burning house in the 1300 block of North Wenatchee Avenue at roughly three in the morning on Wednesday.

Rice lived in the home with her fiance, two other males, and the man who discovered the fire, according to Wenatchee Valley Fire Department Chief Brian Brett. While trying to warn the other tenants of the building about the fire, Rice’s fiancĂ© was unsuccessful.

The fire started in the kitchen, despite the fact that its origin is still unknown. Brett noticed that mobile houses frequently experienced rapid spread of kitchen fires.

He saw that the house had no working smoke detectors. According to Wayne Harris, the coroner for Chelan County, Rice passed away from hypoxia brought on by breathing in fire byproducts. It was discovered that she died accidentally. Rice was the second resident of the Wenatchee Valley to die in a fire in less than two weeks.

Dany J. Rodas-Carbajal, 27, died on January 21 in South Wenatchee, Washington, when the semi truck he occasionally lived in caught fire. It was determined that an accident had also contributed to his demise.

Despite the fact that the investigators have concluded that the fire started in the semi truck’s cab, Brett asserts that they have been unable to zero in on a single point of ignition. Brett encouraged people to evacuate the building as soon as a fire develops and to seal exit doors behind them in order to prevent the fire from spreading.

This was his message regarding public safety. Additionally, property owners need to confirm that each smoke alarm is functional.