Betty Riddle Obituary, Betty Riddle Has Sadly Passed Away

Betty Riddle Death, Obituary – Angelic wings were bestowed to Betty Riddle on Wednesday at 10:12. She died peacefully and with gentleness. There is a stunning new woman in paradise. We are delighted to be in such close proximity to her and to my daughter Amelia, whom you refer to as your own.

She was a lovely Christian woman. It’s time to release the article. We had to go our own ways today. Now we understand why your family was such a top priority for you. You are still my angel today.

Even if you made it clear that you were willing to spread your wings, which is precisely what you did, it doesn’t lessen the pain as much as if it had come as a surprise. God has a particular one in Sister Betty, who served as an illustration of a devoted, committed, loving, and caring Christian lady.

Since you won’t be present in person, we can guarantee that it will be very different. We have found it difficult to accept it without wanting to be happy or angry. We should be glad and appreciative that you were in my life for eight years even if we are grateful for all you taught me.

We’ll miss your handmade dinners, especially “JJ,” and our golf cart outings together. Has Mickey arrived home from work already? Due to the absence of his truck, I’m quite worried for him. the decision was taken on Sunday night. When you heard our voices, you were ecstatic. You were at ease as we prayed for God’s will.

We’ll see you when we get home was the last thing you said to me. We adore you and are forward to seeing you once more.

We would have come through the snow or ice to be with you if we had known this was going to be our final conversation. when we found out you were at my house waiting for me. If we had known it was your last visit, we wouldn’t have left.