Chris Collier Obituary, Sunderland AFC Active Member Has Sadly Passed Away

Chris Collier Obituary, Death – We regret to tell you of the demise of Chris Collier, a previous administrator here. Chris went on to start the website SunderLad and eventually devote himself solely to photography. Former Army Captain and Parachute Regiment veteran Chris leaves behind three young children and a fiancee who are in our prayers. Although the exact cause of Chris’s death has not been determined, it is believed to have been a heart arrest. The following are some remarks from the other administrators that were on the page with Chris.

When I first met Chris, he was an army captain who wanted to join our team as an administrator on a different page. His safc savvy and meme-making skills won me over. His sardonic wit was unforgettable. In fact, there were times when I considered him to be rather amusing; after he went and run sunder Lad, we still kept in touch on occasion. I found great humor in all of his updates. Children were the center of his universe, and he loved them dearly. He was a dog lover, too! He was a great photographer and a huge safc enthusiast. Sure, he’ll be missed on the safc boards.

My first Cuthys bike ride was conducted by Chris, who had been Nathan’s boss in the paras, so that’s when I first met him. I’ll never forget the time we ran into each other in Trafalgar Square and he asked me to carry his beer while he climbed one of the monuments to join the other supporters who were up there. He was a great guy, a talented photographer, and a devoted Sunderland supporter.