David McDonald Obituary, Former Sergeant At NYPD Has Died

David McDonald Obituary, Death – The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) would like to express its sincerest sympathies to retired Sergeant David McDonald’s family after his passing not too long ago. McDonald was a member of the DEA’s workforce. McDonald served as a member of the organization for a very long time. The Drug Enforcement Administration was where McDonald spent his career (DEA). McDonald was a DEA agent for a significant amount of time before he eventually left the government to pursue other opportunities, including retirement. Sergeant McDonald, who had worked for the New York City Police Department since 1951 and had reached the age of 94 when he decided to retire from the force, was the father of the late hero Detective Steven McDonald, who had been shot in the line of duty in 1986 and became paralyzed as a result of the incident.

Sergeant McDonald had been employed by the department since 1951 and had reached the age of 94 when he decided to retire from the force. Sergeant McDonald served with the New York City Police Department until he was 94 years old, at which point he made the decision to resign from the department. He did so at the end of his career. He was unable to recover from the injuries he experienced, and consequently, he passed away. As a result of the injuries he sustained, he was unable to make a full recovery, and as a consequence, he perished away. At this time, every single member of the McDonald family, especially the youngest of the children, is being kept in our thoughts and prayers. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sergeant David McDonald, you will be remembered with respect and dignity forever; may you finally find the serenity that you so justly deserve in this life. Your dedication and service will not be forgotten.