Lourdes Merlos Obituary, One Killed In California 32 Highway Car Accident

Lourdes Merlos Obituary, Death – Lourdes Merlos has died in a fatal California 32 Highway car accident. Lourdes Merlos is a stunning child just starting off! You can now celebrate, as you have successfully accomplished your goal. reuniting your embrace with that of your mother in a loving embrace once again The dazzling Cecilia, who was born and raised in Merlos.

That was the plan that God put in place from the beginning for them to be brought back together, and it eventually came to fruition! You are the guardian angel that keeps an eye on your sisters and makes sure they are okay by keeping a close check on them. Flor Merlos Labrie Beatriz Merlos, your father believed that the young woman and you would make an excellent match for one another, and he encouraged your relationship with her.

Spoiled! I wish to convey to these wonderful people that they have my whole and unreserved devotion in every way. Even though I’ve been praying, I still have this overwhelming sense of responsibility. You and I, My Dear and Adorable Lourdes Merlos had the good fortune to have the opportunity to witness the start of the new year without having any idea that it would be such a brief one.

We were both surprised by how quickly time passed. You are now with God, where you will spend eternity, and you will never be forgotten in our hearts. We celebrate the fact that you are no longer suffering. We are grateful that you have shared your life with us. During this difficult time, I will be praying that God will grant people who love you the resilience to continue supporting you regardless of the circumstances.