Meagan Schwaner Obituary, 23-Year-Old Woman Was Killed In A Fatal I-10 Car Crash

Meagan Schwaner Obituary, Death – Meagan Schwaner, age 23, was identified as the person who was identified as the person who was killed in a collision on Interstate 10 that occurred early on Saturday morning and involved two cars. The collision, which took place very early in the morning, included two cars and took place. The collision took place in the early morning hours of the following day. According to a press statement that was made by the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

The responding officers from the authorities arrived at the scene of the event at approximately 2:40 in the morning. The Mississippi Highway Patrol included this information in the release that they sent out to the media. On the day of the accident, Schwaner was traveling on Interstate 10 in Hancock County in the opposite direction of traffic when she was involved in a collision with a trailer that was being pulled by a truck that was also traveling in the same direction. The truck and the trailer were both headed in the same direction.

During the time of the collision, Schwaner was driving a Honda Accord from the year 2013. Schwaner was left with injuries as a result of the incident, one of which would later prove to be fatal to him. As a direct result of this, her status at the scene of the crime was determined to be that of “dead.” The events that had taken place had this as their direct and immediate repercussion. The Mississippi Highway Patrol is presently continuing its investigation into the collision that occurred earlier in the day.