Susan Ohl Obituary, Susan Ohl of Tinley Park IL, has passed away unexpectedly

Susan Ohl Obituary – Susan M. Ohl’s birth name was Hallahan, and she passed away in Tinley Park, Illinois. Susan M. Ohl’s maiden name was Hallahan, and she was formerly known as Hallahan. She is the cherished wife of Dennis Ohl, who adores her very much. She was a loving mother to her children Taylor, Thomas, and Abby Ohl, who had all passed away before she did. She is the daughter of Ellen and Dennis Hallahan, who passed away, and she has a compassionate disposition toward other people.

Beloved sister of Tim Hallahan, who passed away, Dennis Hallahan, Patti Hallahan Pillsbury, John Hallahan, who is married to Eva Hallahan, and Debbie Glowicki. Sister of Tim Hallahan, who passed away. Cindy Hallahan is married to Dennis Hallahan, Patti Hallahan Pillsbury, and John Hallahan; Tim Hallahan has died away, and all three of Cindy’s brothers are married to her.

Due to the fact that she is someone’s sister-in-law, aunt, cousin, and friend, a significant number of people look up to her and admire her. Susan was well-known throughout Tinley Park for her devoted teaching, and as a consequence, each and every one of her students held the utmost love for her. Susan’s reputation as a dedicated educator was well-known throughout the city.

On Thursday, February 9, 2023, the visitation will be held at St. George Church, which is located at 6707 W. 175th Street in Tinley Park, Illinois 60477. If you are interested in attending, the address for St. George Church is 60477 St. George Church. The event will start at three in the afternoon and go on until nine o’clock in the evening. Funeral services will be held on Friday at noon at the St. George Catholic Church in accordance with the family’s desire. Immediately after the conclusion of the funeral rituals, the body will be transferred to Holy Sepulchre Cemetery for burial.