Austin Eudaly Obituary, Austin Eudaly of Dallas TX, has passed away

Austin Eudaly Death, Obituary – When I heard the news this morning that my dear buddy Austin Eudaly had passed away, it left me with a feeling of profound loss and sadness. My heart is fully and utterly broken, and there are no words that can appropriately convey what he meant to us as friends and coworkers. This tragedy has left me feeling entirely and utterly brokenhearted.

It would appear that there is no more positive news to offer as of late; rather, there has been nothing but a string of losses. We were working with Austin on an important presentation for HBO/Netflix about the major challenges that religion and life face. The topic of the presentation was “The Great Problems That Religion and Life Present.” The proposal focused on how these two concepts may be brought together.

He was a tremendous supporter of the work that was being done in Libya by Code on the Road and Speetar, and he was a big fan of the work that we performed at Kalam Research & Media. He possessed the appearance of a divinity but moved among ordinary people. You have a golden heart, Austin, and I pray that it will continue to light brilliantly throughout eternity and that you will finally find the peace that you have been looking for in the everlasting embrace of God.

You are a dear to me, and I pray that you continue to shine brightly throughout eternity. “We come from God, and it is to God that we will return,” says the Bible. I would like to express my deepest condolences to his family, friends, and the congregation of his Church in their time of grief.