Corey Spann Barnegat Township NJ, Dies in car accident

Corey Spann Barnegat Township NJ – Our group has been in a state of extreme melancholy ever since we learned about the passing of Jim Jamieson, a significant player and committee member from Worrigee Sports. Our group has been in this condition ever since we found out about his passing, and it has been the case ever since we found out about his passing. We didn’t find out about Jim’s demise until not too much longer after he had gone departed from this realm.

Jim Jamieson, at one point in time, was a participant in the Worrigee Sports competition that was taking place at the time. This information has been presented to us, and we have been made aware of it, which has resulted in an overwhelming feeling of dismay for both of us. On Thursday, February 9, at eleven in the morning, there will be a funeral ceremony for Jim’s family only. The service will take place. This worship session is going to take place.

After that, there will be a meeting at the Worrigee Sports Club at 12:30 in the afternoon to honor Jim’s life and pay tribute to the legacy he has left behind. Both of these events are scheduled to take place on Thursday of this week, so you will need to make the necessary preparations. Due to the fact that both of these activities are set to take place on Thursday of this week, it is imperative that you make the required preparations.

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