Jerry Tillman Obituary, Former Member of the North Carolina State Senate has Died

Jerry Tillman Obituary, Death – Jerry Tillman, who served as a state senator for a very long period and represented Randolph County, passed away on February 4th, 2019. He was 82. Tillman was elected to the state Senate for the very first time in 2002. Prior to his retirement, Tillman had worked in public education as a teacher, administrator, and coach. In the year 2020, he submitted his resignation to the chamber of representatives.

During the course of his military career, he served for a total of nine terms. Tillman was known for his steadfast advocacy for the causes that were significant to his community, including Randolph Hospital and the North Carolina Zoo, and he earned a reputation for this. As a result of his previous work in the Randolph County school system, he was a formidable champion for elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as an early pioneer on issues relating to education.

It was during his stint as the leader of the majority in the legislature that the compensation scales for teachers and principals were altered, which ultimately led to considerable pay raises for those positions. During the course of his nine years serving in the Senate, Tillman was able to build a reputation for himself as an influential member of the body.

In the Senate, he served as Majority Whip, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee for Education. He also chaired both of those committees. It was well known that Senator Tillman had a passion for both baseball and music; in fact, his colleagues frequently referred to him as “coach.” Customers who came to his workplace were frequently treated to a musical performance by him.

He sang for them. “It has been a pleasure serving the people that I have been so fortunate to represent over the years,” Senator Tillman stated during the speech in which he revealed his intention to retire in the year 2020. Helping other people with the mundane tasks that they have to complete on a daily basis has always been my favorite part of being of service to other people.