Joel Byrne Obituary Fairfax VA, Robinson HS Student has sadly passed away

Joel Byrne Obituary – Before she was even born, James Berkeley Hobbs and Constance Gertrude Barlow Hobbs Spalding both went gone. Prior to her birth, her grandparents had already passed away. She was born to a woman by the name of Constance Gertrude Barlow Hobbs Spalding. After both of her parents died, she was the only daughter the family still had. She was born on the Tuesday of April 4, 1939, which also happens to be the day she celebrates as her birthday.

Additionally, it is the anniversary of her birth on this day. It is also recognized on this day that she first set foot on Earth. Susan was raised in Fairfax, Virginia, where she also completed her secondary education. In 1958, she graduated from Fairfax High School with a high school diploma. After getting her degree, Susan left. Susan has spent her entire life in Fairfax, Virginia, and nowhere else.

Susan was raised and was born in the United States of America, where she also acquired her early schooling. Since Susan was born and has lived her entire life in this city, she has never considered any other place to be her real home. Before she decided to leave Northrop Grumman earlier than anticipated, she had more than 20 years of experience there as a Business Development Operations Administrator. Everyone was shocked by her resignation choice. She had been a staff member there during that time.

In addition to her sons Robert Steven Campbell of Cupertino, California, and David Scott Campbell of Dumfries, Virginia, Susan is also survived by her daughter Kellie D. Baughman (Andy), of Leesburg, Virginia, her grandson Matthew T. Campbell of Clermont, Florida, who passed away before Susan did, and her sons Robert Steven Campbell and David Scott Campbell. Andy’s wife, Kellie D. Baughman, resides in Leesburg, Virginia.

Both David Scott Campbell and Robert Steven Campbell are residents of Dumfries, Virginia. Andy’s wife, Kellie D. Baughman, resides in Leesburg, Virginia. David Scott Campbell and Robert Steven Campbell both reside in the Virginian town of Dumfries. The residence of Kellie D. is located in the Virginian district of Leesburg.