Ed Deeney Obituary, Grandfather Of Current FF/EMT Matt Deeney Has Passed Away

Ed Deeney Death, Obituary – The passing of Life Member c has given a devastating blow to each and every one of us here, and we are really sorry that we have to be the ones to break this unfortunate news to you. Also, Tom and Michael Deeney owe their membership in the organization to their father, Ed, who is a life member of the group.

Tom and Michael are both members of life. Additionally, Ed Deeney is the parent of Steve Deeney, a former member of the organization who served for a while. Steve Deeney. Edward Deeney Sr. was a loving and dedicated father to his three daughters, who were named Debra Abrams, Sharon Deeney, and Kimberly Filderman.

Robert was the name given to the Deeney family member who fell in the middle position (Judy). In addition to this, he was the father of a kid who was given the name Edward Deeney Jr. despite not living long enough to reach maturity.

He was the grandfather of Christine Filderman, Shawn Filderman, and Jacob Filderman, as well as Jenna Preston, Maranda Abrams, Jesse (April) Deeney, Vince Schmidt, Nick Schmidt, and Christopher Schmidt. Jenna Preston, Maranda Abrams, and Jesse (April) Deeney were his great-grandchildren.

In addition, he was the great-grandfather of Zoey, Damien, Jonah, Aleanna, Sophia, Mila, and Jay Deeney. He was the brother of Patrick, Joe, and Bill Deeney, all of whom have since passed away. He will be much missed by everyone who knew and loved him.

His closest pals, Johnny Boundary and Susan Hayes, Billy Boundary and Ellie Boundar, and Tom Hayes and Linda Hayes, will each mourn his passing in their own distinctive ways. Everyone, there will experience a profound loss as a result of his passing. Ed is known as Matt Deeney’s grandpa.

Matt Deeney is presently working in the field of emergency services as a fireman and emergency medical technician. Ed is also engaged in this industry. We ask that you remember the Deeney family in your thoughts and prayers as they navigate this difficult time and as they navigate this difficult time. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they navigate this difficult time.