Eric Alvarez Obituary, 17-Year-Old Eric Alvarez Of Siler City Has Sadly Passed Away

Eric Alvarez Death, Obituary – On February 4, 2023, Eric Alvarez, who was 17 years old at the time and a resident of Siler City, California, up and left his house without any warning. Juan Carlos and Maria Elena Alvarez welcomed their first child into the world on October 14, 2005, in Lee County.

Mr. Alvarez was born into their family as their son. As the offspring of Juan Carlos and Maria Elena Alvarez, he was welcomed into the world with open arms. Eric was a devout Christian who walked in accordance with the precepts of his religion.

He had a lot of enthusiasm for both taking part in soccer matches and playing video games on his own computer. He took a lot of joy in putting on a show for the people he cared about, which often consisted of taking them out to eat and spending quality time with them.

As soon as the temperature began to rise, Eric’s excitement about going to the beach and swimming escalated to the point where he was unable to exert any sort of self-control over it.

His surviving family members include his parents; his daughter, Alyssa Maria Alvarez; his girlfriend, Noemi Francisco Lopez; his sisters Denise Montiel (Luciano), Vanessa Sankey (Andrew), and Selma Alvarez (Emilio Tolentino); his grandmothers Narcisa Santana and Maria Mendoza; his great grandparents Maria Lopez and Isidonio Lopez; four uncles, four aunts, twelve cousins, and three nieces.

The family of Alvarez-Mendoza will hold a viewing at the Smith & Buckner Funeral Home in Siler City on the evening of Wednesday, February 8, 2023. The funeral home can be found at 230 N. Second Ave. in Siler City.

The reception will run from six in the evening until eight in the evening. The eulogy will be given by Pastor Eddis Lopez at the funeral service that will be conducted in the Smith & Buckner Chapel on Thursday, February 9, 2023, at 11:00 AM.

The event is scheduled to take place on the ninth of February. That is the time that the service is planned to be started. Immediately after the service, the burial will take place at Chatham Memorial Park where the funeral was held.

The Alvarez family has contacted the Smith & Buckner Funeral Home in order to learn more about the support services that are offered by the establishment.