Jim Scheffer Obituary, Jim Scheffer Unexpectedly Passed Away

Jim Scheffer Obituary, Death – We are in a state of full astonishment and terrible grief as a result of the unanticipated passing of our good friend and fellow bandmate Jim Scheffer, who passed away the week before. Jim has been a member of the CSBB for the greater part of the organization’s existence, which spans its history. That we were given the opportunity to perform at such a big number of concerts together and that we were able to make the most of that opportunity is something for which we are extremely grateful.  It was quite evident that he had a great lot of enthusiasm both for the music that he performed and the ensembles in which he took part.

The fact that we are able to count on him is beyond our wildest dreams. Even though he had a great deal of talent, the quality that stood out the most about him was the fact that he was a trustworthy friend. You are more than welcome to share with Jim at CSBB some of the most meaningful and significant moments, memories, and pictures from your life at any time. Jim will make you feel quite comfortable doing so. This is an excerpt from the episode of the Jazz Series titled “We Always Swing,” which can be found at: Honoring Jim Scheffer
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