Natalie Engdahl Obituary, Former Studio Artist And Chair of NAS Has Died

Natalie Engdahl Death, Obituary – We are sorry to let you know that Natalie Engdahl, a former studio artist, and NAS chair, passed away.

Even for those who did not have the privilege of being a part of our creative community while she was actively engaged, Natalie was a well-known artist, a respectable colleague, and a beloved friend to many.

We were charmed by the beautiful and fun things she made in class. One of these products was a seagull made of expertly sewn fabric scraps, along with naughty budgerigars that were shown in paintings and on plaques, felt fungus, and an animated company of elves.

Nat was crucial in assisting NAS in finding new accommodations once our building on Parry Street was sold. Nat is thoughtful and kind in how she uses her time and energy. While serving as the group’s chair in 2015 and afterward as a project manager, Natalie actively pushed NAS.

In multiple public forums on Newcastle’s redevelopment, she pushed everyone, including philanthropists, real estate agents, municipal and state politicians, as well as representatives from foreign nations.

She diligently searched for potential new homes in a number of locations, including the Wool Stores, the former BHP headquarters, Newcastle Railway Station, and many more. She, too, followed every direction with zeal.

She ultimately managed to secure for us O Block on Chinchen Street thanks to State Member Tim Crakanthorp with only a few months remaining before we were “out on the street.”

After that, she persisted and was able to persuade the town to complete all of the interior fit-out work necessary to make our new facility appropriate for artists to move in. It was a challenging assignment, and we will always value Natalie’s commitment to our company and its future.

She had the ferocity and dedication of a terrier, yet these qualities were balanced by their sweetness, compassion, and deep laugh. It’s conceivable that it was this uncommon combination of traits that gave her the ability to handle her illness with dignity and bravery.

She fought bravely to be with us and live. Elena Engdahl, vale. We have lost a brilliant man, a warrior, and an artist. We extend our sincere condolences to Natalie’s family. A funeral ceremony will be held on February 16. The comments include a link.