Connor Ramsay Obituary, Monroe Michigan, Ida High School students Has Died

Connor Ramsay Obituary, Death – Everyone here at Ida High School is in complete and total shock after hearing the news that Connor Ramsey, one of our students, had departed away in a tragic and unexpected manner earlier this week. Since he was a kindergartener, Connor had been a student at Ida Public School; today, he was a senior at Ida High School.

His entire academic career was spent in the Ida Public Schools, where he attended classes as a student. As a consequence of his passing, many of us are suffering from a degree of bereavement that defies comprehension. During this difficult time, his closest circle of friends and members of his immediate family are at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.

The purpose of this message is to provide you with information and to outline a variety of assistance options that are open to you as a recipient of this communication. After such information has been disseminated, it is possible that it will be several days before it becomes obvious that aid is required.

We never run out of support workers for the students who attend the Ida Public Schools, which means that those students never have to worry about falling behind. Counselors and other support specialists are available to both the students and the members of the staff in order to offer them the assistance that they require at this time.