Neil Horn Minnesota Obituary, Neil Horn Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Neil Horn Obituary, Death – HORN, Neil J., who had spent his entire life in Essex and passed away in the eightieth year of his life, had always called Essex home. Neil is survived by his loving wife Nancy (McLelland), as well as their daughters Carolyn, Gary, and his wife Jill, as well as Marion Bruce, and her husband Michael.

In addition, Neil is survived by his sister Marion Bruce and her husband Michael. Additionally, Neil is survived by his sister, Marion Bruce, and her husband, Michael. Both of his cousins, Hazel Cake and Albert Hundey, will experience a gap in their lives if he is not there in some manner to fill it.

His older brother, Norman, as well as both of his parents, Clara and Joe, had passed away before he did. He was the last surviving member of his family. When Neil was younger, he had a successful career as an entertainer, primarily as a tap dancer, appearing largely in the province of Ontario and the state of Michigan.

He eventually retired from the entertainment industry. He had accumulated more than 43 years of experience working for the Ford of Canada office when he made the decision to call it quits and retire from his job there. After he retired, he started writing lyric rhythm poetry, and during the course of his life,

he created more than sixty poems. In total, he was a prolific poet. The National Library of Poetry in the United States was responsible for the publication of the vast majority of them when they were first made available to the public; they were printed in the Essex Free Press.