Philip Dietz Obituary, Philip Dietz of Roseville MN, has passed away

Philip Dietz Obituary – On the day that he died away, Philip J. Dietz was a senior citizen who had reached the age of 79. He was an elderly guy. Before the day he went away, he had spent the previous 79 years as a resident of the Elizabeth House in Hendersonville. This leads us to the day when he finally passed away. (May 18, 2011). He was under the impression that the town of Hendersonville would be his permanent residence for the foreseeable future.

During a meeting that took place in San Francisco, California, on June 7, 1931, he delivered his public presentation for the first time in front of members of the international community. The state of California is home not just to him, but also to his sister Helen Pickering, who lives in Palo Alto, and to his grandson Mickey Marian, who lives in Los Angeles.

In addition to him, both of these individuals currently dwell in the state. Before reaching the age of retirement from their respective jobs at the Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina, he and his wife, Merrilyn, both put in a combined total of 27 years of service at that location. During that period, they were very active members of the community and also took care of their two children.

During the time that he was a resident there, he served as retired vice president, which was one of the titles that he had. Both Menlo College and Stanford University can be found in Palo Alto, California, and he attended both of these prestigious educational institutions throughout his time in higher education. He attended both Menlo College and Stanford University, from where he received degrees.

In addition to that, he committed his entire life to serving the Episcopal Church as a congregant and was active in the church during his entire life. During their whole 59-year marriage, Philip was not only a devoted and attentive parent, but he was also a doting husband to his wife. He and his wife shared a deep love for one another. Recently, the happy couple commemorated the occasion of their diamond wedding anniversary.