Rykwon Goudelock Obituary, Pedestrian Killed In A Car Accident Near Blackstock Road

Rykwon Goudelock Obituary, Death – The Coroner’s Office for Spartanburg County was compelled to be present at the scene of the accident that took place in Roebuck on Wednesday afternoon because it was deemed necessary by the authorities investigating the incident. The occurrence of the event took occurred somewhere around that time. Old Georgia Road was the location of the incident that occurred at roughly 12:02 p.m., according to the information that was provided by the South Carolina State Police.

The location of the collision was not too far from where Old Georgia Road intersects Blackstock Road. The state police were the ones who offered up this information. The statements made by the members of the law enforcement agency indicate that the vehicle was most likely traveling down Old Georgia Road when the driver suddenly veered off to the right side of the road and collided with a tree. This was indicated by the comments made by the members of the law enforcement agency.

It was discovered that the vehicle’s driver had already passed dead at the scene of the collision as a tragic consequence of the accident, and a passenger in the vehicle sustained injuries as a result of the collision that required them to seek medical help as a result of the collision.  Rykwon Lamonte Goudelock was identified as the individual who passed away by the Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office. Goudelock was a citizen of the city of Spartanburg. At the time of his departure, Rykwon Lamonte Goudelock had lived for a total of 24 years.