Tim Texter Obituary, Ice Hockey Referee, Tim Texter Has Died, GoFundMe

Tim Texter Obituary  – Tim Texter, a longtime resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who had dedicated his life to the sport of hockey in various capacities, including as an ambassador, a player, and a referee, passed away on February 8, 2023. Tim Texter had served the sport of hockey in a variety of positions throughout his whole life. He had devoted his life to the game. Tim Texter passed unexpectedly while serving as an official for a game this morning.

Despite the best efforts of the first responders who arrived at the scene, it was not possible to save him, and he was transported to UPMC Passavant in Cranberry for treatment. Tim has spent his time over the years working on a number of projects that he is passionate about; however, his family is by far his biggest love. Tim has spent his time working on a range of projects that he is passionate about.

Because of this unexpected and tragic loss, Christina, Gino, and Nicolina are going through a particularly difficult phase of mourning right now. On Facebook, Tim’s wife’s sister-in-law shared her sadness at the demise of her sister’s spouse. She was the person Tim’s wife was married to. Carmen noted that Tim was committed to providing for his family, to doting on Nicolina, and to making the most of the time he had to go to Ohio and other places to support Gino as he improved his ability as a goalie for a top-tier hockey club.

Carmen also mentioned that Tim had a good time during the time he spent traveling to show his support for Gino. There is currently a drive to raise money for the cause over at GoFundMe. With deepest respect, in remembrance of Tim “Tex” Texter Tim was a huge contributor and supporter of the hockey community in Pittsburgh. He was always willing to do the job correctly, whether it was sharpening skates, helping players develop, or giving advice. He had a strong devotion to the game and made it a point to share that excitement with others by organizing pick-up leagues, the Texter Cup, and the renowned Turkey Bowl, which was played on Thanksgiving each year.