Cliff Jervis Obituary, Active Member Of Wodonga Brass Has Passed Away

Cliff Jervis Obituary, Death – Clifford Jervis, who had been a member of our family for the past ninety-three years, died away not too long ago, and our thoughts and memories of him are bittersweet at this time. Cliff participated actively and enthusiastically throughout the entirety of his life in a wide variety of bands, each of which he contributed to in his own way.

At the age of 92 in the year 2022, he came to the knowledge that he was no longer able to play the tuba with us, and he chose to put up his instrument as a result of this realization. The majority of us have spent a significant amount of time performing alongside Cliff in both Murray Brass and Wodonga Brass. Cliff has been a member of both of these bands for quite some time. This pertains to both of the ensembles. This comprises the tenor parts of both of the ensembles that have been discussed up to this point.

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