Raymond Dundas Obituary, Raymond Dundas Has Passed Away

Raymond Dundas Death, Obituary – As we come to terms with the news that our beloved friend and fellow member Raymond Dundas passed away earlier this evening, there is a lot of grief among our members today.

He had a strong passion for fishing, but he was also someone who was willing to give up his time to help the fish, as he did in the season that had just ended to unclog a bottleneck in the river that we consider to be the most important for spawning. He was also someone who was prepared to give up his time to assist the fish.

Ray was one of the most charitable of persons. It was clear that fishing was his true calling in life. In addition to this, he was someone who was willing to give up his time in order to help the fish.

He did this to make sure that future generations of fishermen would be able to experience the joy that comes with catching fish, something that Ray, due to unfortunate circumstances, would never have the opportunity to do in his lifetime.

Despite this, I have no doubt in my mind that he carried out this action not just for his benefit of himself but also for others in the years to come. Raymond Dundas is a wonderful example of what it means to perform in our sport in a way befitting a real gentleman.

This image was taken during our annual salmon fishing festival in 2018, and it shows Ray (on the left) receiving the award from our late chairman, Barney Lawn. The event is held in Ray’s honor. 2013 was the year that Barney Lawn died away. Two fishermen who were fishing for salmon were stolen from us far too soon. We will miss them.