Richard Myre Obituary, Man Found Dead In Bloomington Shooting Incident

Richard Myre Obituary, Death – After finding the deaths of three men inside a pickup truck the previous week, police in Bloomington, Indiana have identified the person they believe to be the shooter in a murder-suicide investigation. Richard Myre, 44 years old, was identified as the third victim by Chief Booker Hodges of the Bloomington Police Department.

Myre was from Belle Plaine. Dale Dahmen, who was 55 years old, and his son Dominick Dahmen, who was 25 years old, were previously named as the two other men that passed away. According to Hodges, investigators were able to determine that the three guys met on Wednesday evening in Myre’s pickup truck in a parking lot in Bloomington located close to I-494 and France Avenue. After almost an hour and a half, Hodges stated that the investigation proved that Myre shot the two other males many times before taking his own life.

Hodges then stated that the investigation showed that Myre shot himself. Hodges stated that one gun and ten shot casings were found in the truck that belonged to Myre. Hodges also stated that the gun was found in the truck. Although the specific events that led up to the shooting are still shrouded in mystery, Hodges asserts that the three shooters were familiar with one another.