Wayne Alexander Obituary, 62-Year-Old Fisherman Dies After Falling Through Ice

Wayne Alexander Death, Obituary – It was reported this past week that a fisherman in Vermont passed away after falling through the ice of a frozen lake while he was fishing. You may find the comments that were made by the local authorities by looking in this section.

The event took place in Vermont, which was the venue. At around 9:30 p.m. on Thursday evening, search and rescue personnel spotted Wayne Alexander, 62 years old, who was wearing a float suit in the waters of Lake Champlain, as reported by the Vermont State Police. Alexander was wearing the suit.

When Alexander went swimming in the lake, he dressed appropriately in a suit. In spite of the fact that it was reported that he was in a severe condition as he was being brought to the hospital in Burlington, the authorities stated that he could not be saved despite the fact that they took him there as swiftly as possible.

It would appear that a horrible accident was the cause of Alexander’s passing, and the circumstances surrounding his death are not being investigated as suspicious at this time. The circumstances surrounding Alexander’s passing are not being investigated as suspicious at this time.

It would indicate that Alexander was involved in some sort of mishap before disappearing. However, in order to determine the reason for his passing, his corpse will be subjected to an autopsy so that his internal organs can be examined. This will be done so that the cause of his death can be determined.

It was alleged that a member of Alexander’s family noticed his truck parked at the Grand Isle State Park after the ice fisherman failed to return home following a day of ice fishing as scheduled. Early in the evening, a worried member of Alexander’s family was finally able to get in touch with the proper authorities.